We are flooring experts.

Whether you own a home, office, or other space, the flooring is an important part of the structure to keep it reliable and aesthetically pleasing. When the flooring is installed with precision and premium materials, you add value to your space. At No Worries Flooring, we take each project seriously no matter what the size to ensure you see this value throughout the lifespan of the floor. We take care of all aspects of flooring such as installation, restoration, laminate, repair, and much more. We also take care of cabinets and granite countertops among other services that make your life a little easier.

Experience That Makes a Difference in Quality

The founders of our business, Josh and Russ, have partnered together to bring customers outstanding services. Combined they have over forty years of experience working in hardwood flooring and general construction. The team at No Worries Flooring is dedicated to your project, and we bring knowledge and precision to each aspect. Our mission is to leave you completely satisfied with our work so that we are your permanent flooring solution.

Clear Communication from Start to Finish

We are clear in communicating with our customers from start to finish, and we have developed a system to ensure all projects are completed on time and with integrity. We treat your home with respect and are more than happy to answer any questions you have about our process. We have systems in place to ensure smooth transitions from one stage to the next. Our equipment is state-of-the-art and we always use the best techniques and materials, so you get lasting and quality work.

A Trustworthy Team That You Can Count On

Our trustworthy team is one that customers have been able to count on for years. We are proud of our reputation and have built it by being honest about pricing and always having someone there to control the schedule and ensure each stage is completed in an orderly fashion. You can count on us for a variety of flooring and construction services, such as hardwood floor repairs, installation, restorations, and beyond. Simply call today and let us know your flooring and construction needs, and we’ll work to find the best solution for you. We look forward to hearing from you and making your flooring dreams a reality!

Carpet FAQ

When should I replace my carpet?

Anytime can be a good time to replace your carpet. A few signs to look for as a hint of when it really needs to be replaced include: 

Stains: A​re there food stains, pet stains or other stains?
Wear and tear: Do the carpet fibers still stand up straight?
Matted:  Are there areas in your carpet​ that don't look as fluffy as they once did?
Smelly: Rotting food crumbs, pet dander, filth brought in off of shoes, mold can all be in your carpet and create smells​.
Worn out padding: Those areas in your carpet that don't seem as fluffy could also be from worn out padding. ​
Mold: Improperly cleaned ​liquids, high humidity, leaks, flooding etc can all cause mold in your carpet.
​Increase in allergy symptoms:  If you find yourself having more allergy symptoms, it may be due to all the built up allergens in your carpet​. The longer your carpet is around, the more allergens it can retain. 
​Old: Does your carpet not look as good as it once did? Is it faded? Does it not feel as good as it did? Does it just feel icky when you are on it?   ​
​Outdated: You have probably put a lot of time, effort and money into picking out and decorating your house. If your carpet doesn't match your decor, then maybe it's time to get new carpet. 

Some Benefits of Hardwood Floors

1. Wood floors are extremely durable and can last for generations (some can last 100+ years) with proper care and maintenance. 
​2. Wood never goes out of style. By simply changing the stain or finish an old floor can take on a whole new updated feel.​​
3. Wood floors are highly customizable. Wood types, colors, styles, stains, medallions, borders, etc are all personal touches that can be part of a floor.        ​
​​4. Wood floors, more times than not can be fixed rather than replaced.
5. Wood floors increase the value of a home, help create a faster sale and typically provide a higher resale price.
​6. Wood floors are cleaner than their alternatives. They don’t collect as much dust, allergens or dust mites. Wood is a much better choice for allergy sufferers, than even tile because no grout lines for dust to get stuck in. 
7. Wood floors are easier to clean
8. Wood floors are elegant, classy and add warmth and beauty.
9. Wood floors are the more “green” option:
     ​a. Trees can be regrown. (North America actually grows more trees than it cuts down) 
     b. Wood floors provide better indoor air quality than alternatives.
     c. Wood floors use less water and energy to produce than alternatives. (University of Wisconsin Wood Products Program Life Cycle Analysis)
     ​d. Wood floors can be repaired, refinished, or recycled as opposed to going to the landfill.